With his fascination of all things AI and outer space, Elon Musk is used to trafficking in the mysterious, much like someone obsessed with the X-Files would do.

 And, in fact, the name of his cryptic new website sounds strikingly similar to the cult TV show: X.com, which Gizmodo reports he launched under cover of darkness early Friday morning. "It's a little verbose right now, but that will be fixed tomorrow," the Space X and Tesla CEO joked (we think) in a tweet, referring to the fact that the website currently hosts just one piece of content on it—a tiny letter "x" in the upper left-hand corner on the home page. 

Musk apparently used to own the domain when he was a co-chief at PayPal, but he lost it when he left the company. "We are delighted to sell the domain x.com back to its previous owner, Elon Musk," a PayPal rep said last week after the sale, per Business Insider.

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